Christchurch – Pacific Lodge of Hokitika 1229

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The Lodge was founded in 1866. Over time as the port diminished in
importance and members were lost due to age or transfers the membership fell
and was augmented by joining members from the eastern side of the Alps.

With only a few resident members It was decided to shift house and the Lodge
rooms at Amberley were rented for the meetings which had been changed to
four meetings a year.

When the Freemasons Centre of Canterbury was opened in
1994 the Lodge again shifted house to meet there. Pacific Lodge does not
look for new candidates but owes its’ steady growth to joining members,
encouraging them to remain financial members of their own Lodge. It
therefore gains mature and experienced Masons who have not had the time to
make the ordinary progress through the Offices but are well qualified to
progress to being Master of the Lodge in a year or two.

Although the standard of our ritual and ceremony is high it is as much the friendly atmosphere that attracts joining members from both the main Constitutions.

We keep alive the memory of our origins and direct our charitable donations to West Coast objectives. Whenever any of our members are on the Coast they do not fail to look up the four remaining members who still reside In Hokitika.