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  1. Hi, I’m visiting from the UK and staying in Springfield for six months, is there a lodge in the vicinity?
    Kindest regards,
    Paul Marriott
    Woolsack 8221

    1. Hello Paul,
      Sparse populations and long distances will mean that your nearest English Lodges will be in Christchurch (3 Lodges), Ashburton (2 lodges) or Amberley all of which will, I’m sure, make your extremely welcome. Secretary’s details for each Lodge are on this website. I’m sure it would be interesting for you to visit a NZ Constitution Lodge whilst you are over here and there is one at Methven which I know is enjoying an influx of new members at the moment. Please contact me if you’d like to discuss further or when your plans for visiting firm up and I’ll try to meet up with you at some point.
      Fraternal good wishes,
      Richard Taylor, Ass Dist Grand Master

  2. I am researching the life of Edwin Howell who was born in Norfolk to a farmer in 1875 who appears to have been either an accountant or a hosiery manager. He immigrated to NZ in 1907, I think to Christchurch but am not certain. In 1916/17 he appears on the NZ Army Reserve List. I have been informed by the Library & Museum in London that he was exalted in NZ Chapter 2 on 27 August 1919. I do not know if he was ever a member of a NZ Lodge. Any information about Edwin you can provide would be much appreciated.

    1. Hello Mike, If Edwin was a member of RA Chapter No 2 it is likely that he was living in the Wellington region on the North Island. It may be that the Chapter could help you. Their Scribe E (secretary) is Don Hazlewood at donbel@xtra.co.nz. As the South Island English District Grand Lodge we would not have records of North Island Lodges. You might be better to try the Grand Lodge of New Zealand at freemasonsnz.org or the North Island English District Grand Lodge at freemasons.org.nz . Good luck with your researches.
      Richard Taylor Assistant District Grand Master
      District Grand Lodge of the South Island

  3. can someone contact me re being able to change material and add links and content to the Phoenix site

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